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Studiocare Neutrik XLR Stagebox 12/4 - 10m

Neutrik XLR Stagebox 12/4 rental from Studiocare Professional Audio.

Our Neutrik XLR Stagebox 12/4 is a custom built stage box that allows you to receive 12 audio signals and send 4 over a 10 meter range. We use Neutrik connectors and Comus Mic Multicore Cable to ensure our cables meet the highest industry standard. Alternative lengths and I/O options are available if you can't find what you are looking for on our listings then please contact us.


  • Conductor: Stranded copper wire 18x0.10mm=0.14mm AWG 26 bare
  • Insulation: Foam-Skin PE (02YS)
  • Twisting: 2 cores to a pair
  • Pair shield: Alu/PVC foil metal inside
  • Drain wire: Stranded copper tin plated 7 x 0.16mm= 0.14mm2 AWG 26
  • Sheath: PVC colour grey
  • Jacket: Soft PVC
  • Colour: Black
  • Diameter: 18.00 mm + - 0.40mm
  • Conductor resistance: max 138Ohm/kmat 20 degrees centigrade
  • Insulation resistance: min 100MOhm x kmat 20 degrees centigrade
  • Capacitance: C/Capprox 40pF/m @ 1kHz
  • Impedance: approx 105 ohm @ 1Mhz
  • Operating voltage: max50-75 V AC/DC
  • Temperature range: -20 to + 70 Centigrade

Neutrik XLR Stagebox 12/4:  Hire Pricing

£10.00 (ex. vat) per day.

£30.00 (ex. vat) per week.

Long term hire options are also available.


The Neutrik XLR Stagebox 12/4 can be collected from Studiocare's offices in Liverpool or couriered next day to any UK destination (additional charge applies for courier).

All units are vigorously tested to ensure that they are fully functional always of the highest quality.

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