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Rane HC-6 Headphone Amplifier

Rane HC-6 Headphone Amplifier rental from Studiocare Professional Audio.

Broadly speaking, the HC-6 consists of six stereo headphone amplifiers housed in, and powered from, a 1U rack case, with each output having its own level control and all the amplifiers normally being fed from a common stereo bus.

The stereo bus level can be adjusted by means of a master volume control whilst a mono/stereo pushbutton allows for the use of mono source material. Each output is duplicated on both the front and back panels and each channel has an additional mono input which will automatically disconnect the amplifier from the stereo bus when a plug is inserted. This input will accept balanced or unbalanced signals via mono or stereo, quarter inch jack plugs.

One useful feature not found on other units is an LED on each output which glows green if the input signal exceeds —20dBm (which it will almost certainly do when music is present). This is not as you may think, an overload warning, but is just to inform you that a given channel is receiving signal. This is useful if you have left a jack stuck into one of the mono inputs, thereby disconnecting that channel from the main bus.


HC-6 Headphone Amplifier: Hire Pricing

£10.00 (ex. vat) per day.

£30.00 (ex. vat) per week.

Long term hire options are also available.


The Rane HC-6 Headphone Amplifier can be collected from Studiocare's offices in Liverpool or couriered next day to any UK destination (additional charge applies for courier).

All units are vigorously tested to ensure that they are fully functional always of the highest quality.


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