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Royer R-122 MkII

Royer R-122 MkII  rental from Studiocare Professional Audio.

The Royer R-122 MkII is a phantom powered ribbon microphone with a specially wound toroidal transformer and ultra-low noise FETs.

The active circuitry in the R-122 translates into a higher output than conventional passive ribbon mics with a more open high-end, and tighter, more focused low-end. The transient response is also faster than other ribbons making the R-122 great for drum overheads, acoustic instruments and vocals.

The R-122 MKll’s switchable -15 dB pad is positioned before the microphone’s electronics and, when engaged, eliminates any potential for headroom-related distortion on even the loudest sound sources. Wide open electric guitars are no problem. With the pad in, the R-122 MKll’s output is actually 2 dB lower than the R-121.


Royer R-122 MkII: Hire Pricing

£25.00 (ex. vat) per day.

£75.00 (ex. vat) per week.

Long term hire options are also available.


The Royer R-122 MkII  can be collected from Studiocare's offices in Liverpool or couriered next day to any UK destination (additional charge applies for courier).

All units are vigorously tested to ensure that they are fully functional always of the highest quality.


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