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Soundfield ST450

Soundfield ST450 MKII rental from Studiocare Professional Audio.

The ST450 MKII Portable Microphone System has been specifically developed for location recording. The ST450 simultaneously provides both surround and stereo soundscapes and its big advantage over alternative methods is that the multi-channel audio it generates from a ‘single point’source is completely phase coherent. This enables the recordist to collapse the surround to stereo or mono without loss of information, frequency imbalance or any of the other phase problems associated with spaced microphones or multi capsule arrangements.

The ST450 can be powered by either battery or mains power and the microphone can be used at close quarters on a hand held boom or alternatively situated up to 200 metres from the control unit on the relevant SoundField mic extension cables. The ability to adjust all microphone parameters remotely from such a long distance is invaluable in situations where the microphone is placed in an area which is difficult to access.

The ST450 is connected to the control unit by a single lightweight multiway cable which delivers the four individual capsule signals to the control unit and carries the necessary power back to the microphone. A small heating element is located in the microphone head to keep the capsules condensation-free under normal operating conditions. The ST450 control unit outputs stereo Left/Right, M/S and four channels of SoundField B-Format called W, X, Y and Z which is the surround information. All outputs are at balanced line level


Soundfield ST450: Hire Pricing

£50.00 (ex. vat) per day.

£150.00 (ex. vat) per week.

Long term hire options are also available.


The Soundfirld ST450 can be collected from Studiocare's offices in Liverpool or couriered next day to any UK destination (additional charge applies for courier).

All units are vigorously tested to ensure that they are fully functional always of the highest quality.


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